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Ultrashield Paint Protection Sunshine Coast

Ultrashield Paint Protection

Innovative Approach

Our clients choose Ultrashield Paint Protection because we are industry experts. A wealth of knowledge grown from 37 years of industry experience is teamed with a dedication to using the latest products and methods. From your Grandad’s old Holden to the family 4WD to your partner’s new BMW, you can feel confident that Ultrashield Paint Protection knows the right approach for your paint protection needs.

Exceptional Value

Enjoy the ‘Showroom Sheen’ for many years to come. The right paint protection serves to extend the life of your vehicle’s paint - an investment in maintaining the value of your car. Removing the need to wax and polish will save you time and money while the durable finish keeps your car looking shinier and cleaner for longer.

Outstanding Quality

The quality you deserve from a company you can trust. Ultrashield’s commitment to outstanding quality is derived from an unfailing attention to detail. The Australian coastline can be a harsh environment. Ultrashield Paint Protection will correct your vehicle’s paint and protect your asset for the future, so you can focus on enjoying your Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

Unparallelled Service

At Ultrashield we care for your vehicle like it’s our very own. Great care is taken to provide you with the very best service. We offer personalised advice relevant to your vehicle’s paint and usage, along with practical after-care solutions - a commitment that sets Ultrashield apart from the rest.

Car Paint Protection Sunshine Coast

Our Paint Protection Services

Paint Protection

• Easier Cleaning
• Showroom Shine
• Reduces Watermarks

Paint Correction

• Removes Wear Marks
• Restores Paint Surface
• Prepares Paint for Protection

Paint Protection Top Ups​

• Extends Life of Paint Protection • Glass-like Finish • Extends Paint Life

Overspray Removal

• Restores the paint
• Smoothes the paint
• Adds life to paint

Decal Removal​

• Restore Original Look
• Sticker Removal
• Minimise Paint Damage

Scratch Removal and Paint Touch Ups

• Improves Appearance
• Prevents Rust
• Adds Value to Your Vehicle

Ultrashield Paint Protection

About Us

At Ultrashield Paint Protection we have a wealth of knowledge in providing specialised service to the highest quality, by delivering outstanding results with showroom sheen every time. Tim’s decade of experience and skill is known on the Sunshine Coast particularly when it comes to black and dark coloured cars.

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