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Best Car Paint Protection Sunshine Coast

Paint protection protects your vehicle from the harsh environment by adding a second skin on the paint surface resulting in a high gloss smooth finish.

If you’re looking to protect your car from the elements, keep its shine, and maintain its value, then applying a quality paint protection to your vehicle should be high on your list.

And on the top of that list, is the ultimate choice for car paint protection: Ultrashield Paint Protection.

Ceramic paint protection Toyota CHRTook my Toyota to Tim for paint protection and got it back looking like a brand new car. 

Customer review by Rhiannon on her Toyota CHR


I was very impressed with the paint protection applied to my new car. Tim did an amazing job. The car looks amazing. 

Customer review by Simon on his Kia Stinger

Paint Protection Packages

A ceramic paint protection is an investment in your car. We offer a wide variety of ceramic paint protection packages that range between $720 to $1895. Check with our team for details about each of these great packages.

Get Your Ceramic Coating Today!

Ultrashield Paint Protection offers the best and the most trusted ceramic paint protection coating in Sunshine Coast. To know more, call now at 0421 756 068.

Car Ceramic Paint Protection Packages

Ceramic Protection for every budget




This package provides the essential protection for the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive wash
  • Paint decontamination
  • Machine polish to improve gloss
  • Ceramic paint protection




This package provides the supreme protection for that extra life to the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive wash
  • Paint decontamination
  • Machine polish to improve gloss
  • Ceramic paint protection




This package provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle both inside and out.

  • Comprehensive wash
  • Paint decontamination
  • Machine polish to improve gloss
  • Ceramic paint protection
  • Interior protection leather, vinyl and fabrics protected
  • Headlights and plastics ceramic coated
  • Wheel protection face only ceramic coated
  • Windscreen coated

All prices are based on newly purchased small vehicles. Costs depend on the size and age of the vehicle and the amount of time required for preparation prior to the ceramic paint protection.   

Interior Protection

Protect against UV damage, spills and stains.

Premium protection covering leather, vinyl and fabrics from $200

Wheel Protection

Make wheels easier to clean reducing brake dust from clinging to the wheel surface.

Face Only option from $200
Full Wheel options from $500

Windscreen Coating

Add that extra layer to the windscreen providing an extra slickness for water to roll off.

Windscreen Only from $50

Why Choose Ultrashield Paint Protection?

We have over 30 years of experience and expertise. We only use the highest quality products. We pride ourselves on attention to detail. We have 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a courtesy car at your request.

Simply put, Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee says “If you’re not happy with your car’s finish we guarantee to keep working on your car until you are!” – at no extra cost to you.

Thinking Of Buying A New Or Used Car?

First question to consider is should I buy paint protection for my car?

If the right product is applied correctly – absolutely.

You could get it from the dealership and that is entirely up to you but here is a few things you should know about ceramic paint protection…

  • It should be applied professionally by a properly trained experienced technician who only specialises in paint protection.
  • The difference between an alright job and an amazing job is the time taken to prepare the car prior to the paint protection being applied.
  • There is a difference between having paint protection done, and having it ‘done well’ is actually visible.
  • To achieve great results it is best applied in a dust free environment.
  • The effects of having paint protection done by a specialists will be noticeable for years.

How is Paint Protection Applied?

First of all, the best results are gained after the paint surface is prepared correctly. The outside surface of the vehicle has to be perfectly clean, dry, and totally free from scratches, marks, swirls, and all other blemishes too. The worse the condition of the paintwork, the longer it will take to prepare. Some cars require up to two days of preparation.

To get the best results and the best protection we have to go through a detailed process, and it means we have to take our time to achieve it. So, at Ultrashield we offer a personalized and individual service to every car, truck, caravan, or 4WD we see. We make sure that the paintwork is in undeniable tip-top condition before we apply the coating. If we need to touch up and correct the paintwork, we will provide that service for you too. We treat every car and customer on an individual and bespoke basis.

Why Use Ultrashield Paint Protection?

  • Our preparation process is extremely thorough.
  • Our attention to detail is of paramount importance. We remove all marks to achieve that like-brand new finish.
  • We have extensive experience with over 30 years in the trade. You can trust us.
  • We only use quality products, exclusively Feynlab Ceramic Paint Protection which gives a Premium result.

One Last Point -

There’s probably no one who will care more about your car than us, other than you. And that’s what sets Ultrashield Paint Protection apart from all the others.

Yes, our product is brilliant.
Yes, we prepare the vehicle to perfection, ready to apply the product.
Yes, we work hard on every job.

But we also care. More than anyone else in our industry. And we don’t finish the job until the desired results are achieved!

Contact us today for an obligation free quote and to check our availability.

Ultrashield Paint Protection is worth it.

Wow! What an outstanding job with my car! Looks BETTER than brand new. Excellent value for money and truly an investment. Tim is very knowledgeable, skilled, uses top quality products and delivered an exceptional result.

I could not be more pleased. Trust Tim with your vehicle and you will be so glad you did.

Paint Protection on Porsche Boxster
I was very impressed with the paint protection applied to my new car. Tim did an amazing job. The car looked amazing. His attention to detail was impressive.

He was also great to deal with over the phone when I first called to enquire about paint treatment.
Paint protection on Kia Stinger