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Wow! What an outstanding job with my car! Looks BETTER than brand new. Excellent value for money and truly an investment. Tim is very knowledgeable, skilled, uses top quality products and delivered an exceptional result.

I could not be more pleased. Trust Tim with your vehicle and you will be so glad you did.

Paint Protection on Porsche Boxster
Water repellent


Paint protection works well on any vehicle including caravans. This is why:

  • Makes cleaning easier – saving time 
  • Protects paint from fading – UV resistant
  • Water repellent – dirt and grim easily slides off
  • Reduces maintenance – no more wax and polish required
  • Smooth surface – reduces insects and bugs sticking
  • Adds protection – from birds, bats and sap droppings
  • Holds its value – improves resale value


There are 3 level of paint protection.  All prices include paint correction and paint protection.

  • Entry level protection, this is an ultra-slick, durable, glossy and extreme water beading (hydrophobic) layer with a 1 -2 year durability – from $690
  • Most popular and recommended, this is more durable, brilliant gloss, superior water beading, extra protection with UV, chemical resistant, self cleaning, with a 3 year durability – from $1160
  • Extra protection with some self-healing technology, a thicker layer to reduce scratches as well as all the features mentioned above with a 5 year durability – from $1460


It is a 5 step process on most vehicles. 

  1. Washing – Comprehensive exterior wash/clean
  2. Decontamination – removes impurities in the paint   
  3. Machine polish – removes scratches and enhances the colour
  4. Wax and silicone removal –
  5. Paint protection – 2 coats applied

Contact us to find the right option for you. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

The result is a vehicle with supreme paint protection that will remain looking its best for years to come.

Getting the best results

To get the best result takes time due to the preparation required before applying the ceramic paint protection. The most important part is making sure the outside surface of the car is clean and free from blemishes.

This sometimes involves paint touch ups and paint correction. Ultrashield Paint Protection takes pride in ensuring your car’s paint work is in top condition before applying the first of two coats.        

Why choose Ultrashield Paint Protection?

  • Someone who has over 20 years experience
  • Uses quality products
  • Understands the importance of attention to detail
  • Prides themselves with 100% customer satisfaction 
  • Courtesy car available on request

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I was very impressed with the paint protection applied to my new car. Tim did an amazing job. The car looked amazing. His attention to detail was impressive.

He was also great to deal with over the phone when I first called to enquire about paint treatment.
Paint protection on Kia Stinger