Handy tips to remove bird or bat droppings

Handy tips for bird or bat droppings

Have you ever parked your car under a tree for shade? When you come back you find birds or bats have had a field day on your car. What they do is leave behind unexpected droppings on your paint work. Well here are some handy tips to remove bird or bat droppings.

Bird and bat droppings can be very acidic on the paint work of your car. The longer the bird or bat dropping stay on the car the more damage it is likely to cause. This can leave permanent damage to the paint work. Therefore, it is important to remove the droppings as soon as possible. The longer it stays on the car and sits in the hot sun the harder it is to remove. 

Best way to remove droppings

Best way to get rid of bird or bat droppings before it leaves a mark is by getting a wet sponge or cloth and place it on the area for a few minutes. This will make it easier to wipe off. Use this method to remove the bird or bat droppings as soon as you notice it and then when you have some time give the car a full wash.

Strongly advise not using a scouring pad or harsh objects as these will only scratch the paint surface of your car. If left too long and a mark has occurred please consult a professional such as Ultrashield Paint Protection for some friendly advice. 

Reduce the impact

One option to reduce the impact of damage from bird and bat droppings is to have ceramic paint protection applied to your car.  A good quality ceramic paint protection protects your vehicle from the harsh environment by adding a harder outer layer on the paint surface resulting in a high gloss smooth finish. The smooth finish helps to make the cleaning of the the bird or bat droppings a lot easier. 

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