Buying Car Paint Protection

Buying Car Paint Protection

5 Questions to ask your car detailer before buying paint protection

Here are 5 questions to ask your car detailer before buying paint protection.

  1. How is your paint protection product different to others?

Our product of choice is Feynlab, a ceramic paint protection that has been proven over many years. It is the product many professionals use around the world because it continually delivers on the following features:

  • High gloss shine
  • Smooth finish
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Ultra hard coating
  • Anti-corrosive effect
  • UV protection and weather-resistant

The key between a good and an amazing paint protection is the time spent preparing the car’s paint prior to the first of two applications.

  1. Do you guarantee your workmanship?

We guarantee all our workmanship provided you maintain your car satisfactorily. This means cleaning your car with the recommended car wash.

  1. Will this product protect my paint from bird droppings?

Yes, paint protection provides that extra hard layer to protect your car’s paint from damage caused by bird and bat droppings, or other elements such as tree sap, insects and UV rays.

Handy hint.

If you do notice bird or bat dropping on your car it is important to wash it off so it doesn’t leave a permanent mark due to the acidic natural of the bird poo.

Best way to get rid of bird or bat droppings, before it leaves a mark, is by getting a wet sponge or cloth and leaving it on the area for a few minutes. This will make it easier to wipe off. Use this method to remove the bird or bat droppings as soon as you notice it and then when you have some time give the car a full wash.

Strongly advise not using a scouring pad or harsh objects as these will scratch your car.  If left too long and a mark has occurred see a professional.

  1. Will your product save me time?

You can have more time with the family and the things you like to do rather than spending hours cleaning the car. Washing your car has never been so easy, as the dirt and grim just rolls off with water. You can tell a good paint protection by the beading that occurs when the car is wet.

If your car is protected by a good quality paint protection there is no need to wax and polish your car again.

  1. Will this product save me money?

Having a good paint protection extends the life of your paint, enabling you to get the best price for your car when it is time to sell. Appearance is important when selling as a clean, shiny and well-presented car gets a higher price.

Keeping your clean can boost its resale value and prevent those extra wear and tear charges that can occur at the end of your lease.