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If you are looking to correct your vehicle’s paint to a good condition, perfect the paint to its best possible finish, protect the paint from harsh environments. Then you have come to the right place!

Ultrashield Paint Protection Sunshine Coast

Our Premium Services

Paint Protection

Every car deserves quality sun protection. Ultrashield Paint Protection adds that protective layer to the exterior paint of your vehicle. Just like a sunscreen for your skin.

Paint Correction

For vehicle paint that is showing a little wear and tear, paint correction is the ideal starting point, restoring your asset prior to administering paint protection.

Paint Protection Top Ups

When your vehicle is an investment you’ll want the very best of care taken. Talk to Ultrashield Paint Protection today about this premium service.

Overspray Removal

When it comes to the removal of overspray, decades of experience ensures Ultrashield Paint Protection knows how to minimise the damage.

Decal Removal

We believe cars look their best when you let the design speak for itself. Take advantage of this extra service to restore your vehicle back to its original look.

Scratch Removal & Paint Touch Ups

If the unfortunate happens Ultrashield Paint Protection has the answer. We’ve got the tools and we’ve got the know-how. When it comes to caring for your investment, it is one of those jobs that is best left to the experts.

Ultrashield Paint Protection Cleaning Products

Car Paint Protection Sunshine Coast

Paint Protection

Easier Cleaning

Washing the car has never been so easy, with a ceramic paint protection coating. At Ultrashield Paint Protection we use C-Quartz which is known for its glass like finish, resulting in a smooth and ‘self cleaning effect’ enabling dirt and debris to slide off the paint work. You may find yourself washing your car less often, saving you time where it matters most.

Showroom Shine

To achieve a showroom shine it is all about the preparation. Excellent results can be seen with the right preparation. We take the time to ensure that each vehicle goes through a thorough process of foaming, rinsing, hand washing, final rinsing, dewaxing before applying the paint protection. C-Quartz contains ceramic glass nano particles, which creates a scratch-resistant ultra hard coating. This product is applied twice to the paint surface resulting in a deep, reflective shine adding value to your vehicle.

Reduces Watermarks

The technology of the nano particles is that they fill in tiny swirls and imperfections leaving a smooth surface, preventing marks appearing on the paint work. In addition, it creates a resistant to bugs, UV rays, acids, and salts. The anti-corrosive coating holds up in all weather conditions.

Car Paint Correction Sunshine Coast

Paint Correction

Removes Wear Marks

Paint correction is the next step after cut and polish to give that extra life to the paintwork. It involves machine polishing, usually a three step process to get the best results. This process removes heavy scratches, oxidised/chalky paint, swirl marks and other blemishes to restore the gloss of the top layer of paint (usually the clearcoat).

Restores Paint Surface

After the machine polish you will be able to notice the difference in the depth and gloss of the colour. Bringing back to life the true colour which deteriorates over time due to UV exposure and other environmental conditions.

Prepares Paint for Protection

As part of the process for preparing the application of paint protection is dewaxing which removes polish residue and oils from the surface. This leaves a ultra clean surface ready for applying C-Quartz. If this is not correctly performed the paint protection does not adhere to the surface resulting in a poor outcome.

Ultrashield Paint Protection Car Close Up
Ultrashield Paint Protection Car Close Up

Car Paint Protection Top Ups​ Sunshine Coast

Paint Protection Top Ups

Extends Life of Paint Protection

For those who like to have the ultimate protection and shine there is the option for a quick top up. This formula compliments C-Quartz and can be applied every 6 months.

Glass-like Finish

Like reapplying sunscreen after being in the water after a period of time paint protection top up is adding an extra layer to maintain that high level of protection. Each extra layer of protection enhances the gloss and water repellency.

Extends Paint Life

Living on the coast your vehicle is exposed to the sun, sea and salt air damaging the paint. By maintaining your vehicle with regular top ups can extend the life of the paint to give your car that premium finish.

Car Overspray Removal​ Sunshine Coast

Overspray Removal

Restores the paint

Sometimes your vehicle can be in the wrong place and the wrong time ending up coating your car with airborne contaminants, this is known as overspray. This can be from the result of painting projects or industrial fallout that is capable of blowing and landing on any surface, such as your vehicle. The process is to remove these contaminants.

Smoothes the paint

Depending on the type of contaminate and overspray determines the treatment required. Each treatment is carefully considered to get the best results ending up with a smooth finish.

Adds life to paint

Sometimes you may not be even be aware that your vehicle is covered in overspray as it is so fine. These particles, if left, can cause damage to the paint and sometimes requiring many hours of paint restoration. By removing the overspray you can add life to the paint.

Ultrashield Paint Protection Deep Cleaning
Ultrashield Paint Protection Decal Removal

Car Decal Removal​ Sunshine Coast

Decal Removal

Restore original look

Professional removal of decal and glue residue brings back your vehicle to its original look. This is achieved by using the best techniques.

Sticker Removal

There are various types of decals which include vinyl stickers and vehicle wraps that can be applied to vehicles. Depending on how long the decal has been on the vehicle determines how easy it is to remove. When the vehicle is exposed to the sun it causes the glue backing of the decal to become brittle, requiring extra time to remove.

Minimise paint damage

There is an art to removing the decal, in order to protect the paint. This process is usually performed with a heat gun, however if not used correctly can cause damage to the paint surface.

Car Scratch Removal & Paint Touch Ups Sunshine Coast

Scratch Removal & Paint Touch Ups

Improves Appearance

There are times when small accidents occur resulting in small scratches or scrapes from keys, trolleys or children. These can be repaired by either machine polishing and/or paint touch ups (if required) improving the appearance.

Prevents Rust

With all the driving that we do it is no wonder that small stone chips occur on the front of our vehicles. If neglected these stone chips and scratches can expose bare metal leaving it vulnerable to rust. To prevent further rust it is important to repair these damaged areas with paint touch ups.

Adds Value to Your Vehicle

To maintain the value of your vehicle it is important to regularly take care of any minor scratches and chips. This helps to protect the paint from further deterioration.

Ultrashield Paint Protection Decal Close Up